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Status Licht beschadigd
Auteur Mark Connely
Pagina's 281
EAN 9781741759136


Last decision you'll ever make is a wedding survival guide written by a man for other men. There are no references to 'your special day' and no floral morifs- this book provides sensible advice, belly laughs and wry insights into the terror and wonder of the last decision you'll ever make. Using hilarious quotes from films, books, and TV shows, it provides a groom's-eye view of everything from tge proposal to out of control mothers-in-law to feral best men.

A wedding is about you and your partner, your friend and family and fun times, not silver-gilded wedding programs and bonbonière. Enjoying the wedding process is about perspective, good humour and not taking the whole production to seriously. So sit back, learn a bit about wedding stuff, your bride and what she's going through, and have a few laughs along the way.

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Last decision you'll ever make

Mark Connely
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