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Auteur Sam Kershen
Pagina's 196
EAN 9781857767629


Fans of Sam Kershen's first book, Bheind the Comic Mask, will find in this new volume of essays the same irresistible combination of biting wit and penetrating social commentary. Fearlessly taking on subjects as various as fast cars, pornography, the curses and blessings of supermarkets, the media and, of course, his beloved cricket, Kershen's writing paints a gently satirical portrait of the times he has lived through.

He is as hard on himself as he is on the many targets of his humour. In Ferrari Testarossas? BAH!" he gently mocks the youthful pretensions that drove him to own a noisy, impractical sports car that couldn't afford to run. "Haircurlers and Teabags", or "How I nearly brought Selfridges to its Knees" is an inspired fantasy of the possible consequeces of his own absentmindedness, and Starting Out (Part 1) is a tender, funny reminiscence of his early business career that brings pre-war London vividly back to life.

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Comic mask moves on

Sam Kershen
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