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Status Licht beschadigd
Auteur Kitty Neale
Pagina's 373
EAN 9781407221717


She stepped into the narrow hall, eyes clouding
when she saw her dad's coat hanging on the rack.
Sick with disappointment, she crept upstairs to her room, clambered into bed, and curled into a tight ball under the thin blankets....

When Elsie and Bert Jones move with their children, Ann and Arthur, to Candle Lane, a modest street in Battersea, they miss their comfortable house in Wimbledon. But the move is the right thing to do, as it will enable Bert to finance his new removal business.

They are a warm-hearted family, and Elsie soon makes friends with her less fortunate neighbour, Ruth and her daughter Sally. But before long Elsie realises that all is not well in the house next door...

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Cuckoo in Candle lane

Kitty Neale
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