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Auteur Alan Clayson
EAN 9781860745386


Read by Mike Read

Disc 1
01 I Was Just One Of Those Loony Teddy Boys
02 Well, I Thought I was The Best Drummer There Was
03 I Took A Chance And I Think I've Been Lucky
04 I Had To Join Them As People, As Well As A Drummer
05 I'm Happy To Go On And Play Drums- And That's All
06 Over In The States, I Know I Went Over Well

Disc 2
01 I've Been Thinking And Wondering Where It's All Going
02 They Mopre Or Less Direct Me In The Style I Can Play
03 I Suppose I Seem Fairly Straight
04 I Couldn't Believe It Was Happening
05 I Love It When They Let Me Go Off My Own
06 I Can't Wait To Go, Half The Time

Disc 3
01 Wherever I Go, It's A Swinging Place, Man.
02 If I Don't Get You, The Next One Will
03 I Knew I'd Had This Problem For Years
04 Please, God, I Have To Stop Living This Way
05 Now I Just Stay Nervous
06 I'll Be Fine Anyway
Epilogue: I Go Along With Whatever Is Happening

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