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Auteur Jan Castorina & Dimitri Stais & Tracy Rutherford
Pagina's 95
EAN 9780804838672


Freshly-made juices, smoothies and shakes taste fantastic and are a great way to consume fruit in a drink.

They are quick and easy to make at home and the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients in the ingredients can help revitalize your system, so you'll feel great.

The recipes in this book have been specially created to maximize the health benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables.
These delicious shakes, smoothies, juices and whips can increase your energy levels, build your immune system, clean toxics from your body and help you watch your weight.

Juices & Smoothies teaches you everthing you need to know to give a delicious healthy boost to your life.

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Juices and smoothies

Jan Castorina & Dimitri Stais & Tracy Rutherford
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