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Auteur:    Maureen Doyle McQuerry
Status:    Licht beschadigd


Lena Mattacascar has always felt different: her feet are too large, and her hands have to be hidden by gloves. And everywhere she goes, there are whispers about her father, who years ago traveled to the distant wilderness of Scree, a land filled with people deemed unacceptable by society, and never returned. People whisper that her father was differrent, too. Possibly even Peculiar. Intent on discovering the truth about him and about herself, Lena embarks on a journey that will lead to romance, danger, and a darkness she's never imagined. Merging Gothic romance and fantasy, against a steampunt backdrop, The Peculiars is a riveting read, filled with intrigue and adventure.
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Maureen Doyle McQuerry
€ 4,99


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