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Status Licht beschadigd
Auteur Stephen R. Lawhead
Pagina's 376
EAN 9781595549587


carrying a sealed massage from the Dragon King, Quentin and his outlaw companion, Theido, plunge headlong into a fantastic adyssey that leads them throughout Mensandor. Danger lurks at every turn: from the brutal terrain to deadly encounters with both humands and creatures of unknown origins.

As their quest progresses, Prince Jaspin schemes to secure the crown fro himself, and an evil sorcerer concocts a monstrous plan for power.

In an effors to save the kingdom and fulfill his destiny, Quentin must travel through strange lands filled with brave kinghts, striking maidens, a mysterious hermit, and a gigantic deadly serpent. And then, his true journey is only just beginning.

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In the hall of the dragon king

Stephen R. Lawhead
€ 3,99


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